Teens Were Arrested For Vandalizing Christmas Decorations Set Up Early For A Two-Year-Old With Terminal Brain Cancer

Date September 26, 2018 20:25

It is a most heartbreaking experience when your relative is fighting a disease as serious as cancer. But it becomes even worse when this relative is a child. Family members are ready to do whatever it takes to help them or at least to make them more comfortable.

That's what happened to little Brody Allen, just two years of age. Some time ago the boy's parents discovered that he had four brain tumors.

After trying different treatments, unfortunately, the disease couldn’t be cured and the little one’s life is now literally hanging by a thread. In an effort to cheer up their son, the Allens decided to have an early Christmas. When the neighbors heard about this plan, the word spread fast and the whole community joined the idea.


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Such cases are quite common for children with cancer or other terminal diseases, but none the less inspiring!

Brody's parents gave an interview explaining the difficult situation and thanking all the neighbors for their support, in what could be the last Christmas for their little boy.

He's happy. I want to see him like this, so I work every day to make it possible

 - said the mother.

But even in such a story, there was a fly in the ointment. Two teenagers were arrested for vandalizing the Christmas decorations at Brody's house and two others from the same neighborhood.

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With the help of vigilant locals, the perpetrators were captured. According to police, it was one of the decoration’s owners who saw the teens damaging them while driving in the neighborhood.

One of the boys tried to flee, but they both were eventually taken to the police station and confessed.

Perhaps, the teenagers didn’t know the story behind the early Christmas decorations. Otherwise, they might have acted differently. But in any case, there is no reason to vandalize other’s property.

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