Child Marriage Disaster: What Happens To Kids In Some Poor Countries

Date September 19, 2018

Child marriages are a reality in many developing countries.


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Centuries ago, almost all marriages were arranged by parents, who were interested in building useful family relationships.

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It turns out this is still true in many countries. 


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Child marriage is defined as marriage with an individual under 18. Several nations allow underage marriage, but the vast majority of marriages are informal and disturbing.

In some cases, parents sell off their daughters for marriage. These are seen as economic transactions. Some marriages are arranged even before the child’s birth.


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The poor girls have no choice as they are forced into marriage. 

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Fortunately, most people and national governments are outraged and are trying to change this behavior with education.


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For example, authorities in Malawi have made some improvements, mainly with the help of civil rights activist Theresa Kachindamoto.

Theresa is a district leader in the country and managed to overturn more than 2,600 child marriages in Malawi.


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In 2002, Malawi was ranked eighth in a list of 20 countries with the highest numbers of registered child marriages. The country has since made significant improvements. This was achieved with public education and women's empowerment.

Asian countries still suffer from this reality. In fact, India has the most arranged marriages.


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The international community needs to take drastic action in order to stop this child abuse from happening.

What do you think governments should do?

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