Mom Unexpectedly Comes Out Of A 23-Day Coma After Holding Her Newborn Baby For The First Time

Date October 15, 2018

Does anyone still have doubts that a mother’s love can overcome any obstacles, even those that divide life and death? The story of this woman, that happened in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, showed that this is possible indeed.

Amanda Cristina Alves da Silva was 37 weeks pregnant. At that time she started suffering from chronic epilepsy, with which she was diagnosed at 7, much more often than before.

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The last scene she remembers was fighting with her husband and having a seizure before going into a coma. The doctors were worried about saving the baby’s life and decided to preform an emergency C-section.

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The kid’s mother had been in a coma for 23 days without responding to any stimuli and doctors couldn’t lower sedation levels until she gave any reaction. Doctors briefly commented on her condition:

The tests showed that she had brain activity. She opened her eyes but didn’t respond to anybody’s words; didn’t move her legs or arms; didn’t even respond to the voices of her relatives.

Everything began to change when the nurse Fabíola Sá had an idea of putting the baby in her arms. Surprisingly, the miracle happened with the comatose mother.

Amanda began to cry as soon as she felt the contact with the baby’s skin:

The whole team wept together. Her response was immediate.

The baby showed a desire to suckle by moving its mouth, and the mother spontaneously produced milk. Unfortunately, she couldn’t breastfeed because of the medicines she was taking.

Internet users are thrilled with the story, and this event is likely to encourage several case studies on the importance of the mother’s contact with her baby. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Share your opinions in the comments.

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