Barbie Of Berlin With 4-Pound Breasts Wants To Have More Surgeries


July 3, 2018 14:20 By Fabiosa

Did you have a Barbie doll in your childhood? Were you a fan? Maybe. But not as big a fan as the army of girls that differ in age and country of origin, but share the same dedication to look exactly like a Barbie doll no matter what.

One of the youngest of them is a German brunette named Paris Herms, 27, better known as the Barbie of Berlin.

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And like all human Barbie dolls, this German has spent a fair amount of money to achieve her current looks.

According to media, Paris has spent almost $40,000 on transforming herself.

She had her first surgery at the age of 17. But it wasn’t enough, as she wanted to be “immaculate”.

She remembers the time after her first breast enlargement procedure:

When doctors removed the bandages after two weeks, I thought: 'They're nice, but still too small'.

Two years later, she ventured for her second operation, the weight of her new implants reaching 2 pounds each.

Paris said in childhood she was fascinated by the doll and after living through bullying in adolescence, being called ugly, she became obsessed with looking like Barbie.

And the transformation was successful. According to her – the girl has around 200,000 followers on Instagram. Although she says she is satisfied with her looks, of course, Paris wants to have more surgeries.

At the end of the day, it's you who needs to be happy with yourself.

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