82-Year-Old TV Presenter Gets Slammed For Marrying A Woman Less Than Half His Age

Date July 23, 2018

Love overcomes all obstacles. At least, that's what they say. Some live by this motto, while others shake heads in disbelief. Yet, stories of real people and life itself, time and time again, prove there are no rules or restrictions love can’t overcome.

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At the age of 82, famous Brazilian TV presenter and comedian, Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, got married again. His new wife is Renata Domingues, a 40-year-old nurse.

After announcing his marriage with a woman who is less than half his age, Carlos Alberto and his spouse have been receiving a lot of criticism and judgment due to the substantial age gap.

One of his indignant followers recalled the following exchange with the celebrity. When questioned about the age difference, Carlos Alberto promptly replied: "But what would I do with an old woman?"

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Some commenters even brought up his ex-wife as a more suitable partner for the comedian. Carlos Alberto has been in an on-again, off-again marriage with Andrea Nóbrega for almost 20 years in total, but the couple finally separated in 2016.

His new wife, Renata Domingués Nóbrega, tried to use her own social network to fight some of the criticism back.

I do not care, I've never asked for anyone else's opinion, we get on well, the age doesn’t get in the way. I think it's a shame. People judge without even knowing our story.

Answering a question from a follower, the nurse shared some details about her new life: "'I'm enjoying it, learning a lot, teaching, too.”

Certainly, Renata and Carlos Alberto strongly believe in love that doesn’t know limits. What matters is that they are happy. They have the right to be happy together, don't they?