Woman Got Fat-Shamed Over Her Body-Positive Inspirational Post, But Didn’t Shy Away From Responding

Date June 26, 2018 19:08

In the era of social networking, celebrities deprive themselves of privacy more than ever by sharing what they do and think on the internet. Moreover, this greater exposure leads to more immediate people’s response, which can be positive and supportive, or simply mean.

Don’t believe people who say celebrities don’t read comments. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to respond, even to real insults. 

An example of this is Brazilian singer and actress Preta Gil, 43, known for her inspirational posts urging women all over the world to accept themselves and encouraging to help victims of bullying to regain confidence.

We can’t and shouldn’t hide, put on your bikini and be happy!

reads the caption of her photo.

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The girl was praised for being a reference to many for standing up to the “ideal body cult:”


We are what we are! You are my inspiration!

Friend, I need to spend some days with you, I need to get rid of my shame!

But, as we already know, it is not only praises that such posts can get in response. The woman was subjected to insults. One of the ugliest comments was:

She lives on a diet, has made plastics, lipos, and now she comes with that? You don’t accept yourself and you never did, now you raise this flag to hide the frustration! You keep making excuses... those who accept themselves don’t need excuses. Don’t embarrass yourself, woman.

It didn’t take Preta long to respond:

You are a very sad example of everything rotten in humanity, I feel sorry for you. I accept everything I did, the traps I fell into, but I got over it and I'm happy where I am now. And I am helping a lot of women who, unlike you, have empathy for me and who understand me! Go away with your venom and let me be with my Light.

There are more insulting comments, but they still pale into insignificance among the support and solidarity, reigning on Preta’s page. Bullying is disgraceful and sad in any form. But the most effective remedy and weapon against it is in our hands – go on and give support to those who deserve it or need it. Don’t be shy to express your admiration or simple approval – it will still mean a lot, be it your friend, a stranger or even a celebrity.

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