Proof Of Love: For More Than 20 Years A Man Has Been Moving His Beloved In A Wheelbarrow

Date August 27, 2018 16:17

A beautiful love story of a couple from São Gotardo, Brazil, posted by Lorena Bernardes on Facebook, moved a lot of people.

In her post, Lorena wrote that every time she walks the streets of her native city she sees a couple, which, according to her, must be together for at least 20 years.

Joãozinho, 74, and Rosinha, 56, live in a shelter, and because Rosinha has difficulty walking, and the two have a rather difficult financial situation, Joãozinho moves his sweetheart in a wheelbarrow through the streets of the city.

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“Their love forms a trio of him (Joãozinho), her (Rosinha), and the wheelbarrow,” she wrote in her post. She also told that she saw the couple stroll through every corner of São Gotardo.

Lorena says that she has always wanted to tell their story, but that very special Saturday gave her the courage to finally do it.

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On May 12, after so many years together, the two sealed their unconditional love in marriage.

“I can’t think of a more explicit manifestation of love, acceptance and being there no matter what,” said Lorena about Joãozinho's dedication to his beloved.

Of course, there could be no marriage without the couple’s 'third wheel'. The chapel of the St. Vicente de Paul asylum was decorated with wheelbarrows.

Lorena finds these images more expressive than a thousand words: true understanding and carrying a 'burden' of someone else is only possible, and becomes easy, when there’s love.

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