Dementia-Stricken Old Lady Was Constantly Dehydrated As She Forgot To Drink Water, Her Grandson Came Up With A Brilliant Idea


September 27, 2018 16:04 By Fabiosa

It may sound surprising, but dehydration is a very common problem among people suffering from dementia.

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The disease is characterized by a range of cognitive and social symptoms that interfere with daily functions, and dehydration in dementia patients may occur for several reasons: they literally forget to drink water, they don’t have the dexterity to drink or they don’t know how to quench thirst.

It is common for elderly people to get dehydrated, but dementia patients are 6 times more likely to suffer from it.

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To make matters worse, as dehydration leaves a person disoriented, it often goes unnoticed by family members and caregivers of the patient.

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When Lewis Hornby saw his grandmother hospitalized with a very serious case of dehydration, he had a brilliant idea.

He invented Jelly Drops – a kind of gelatin capsules with 90% water in it.

The capsules are colored and come in treat boxes that make the patients curious and interested. Sometimes it can be difficult to encourage dementia patients to eat, let alone drink water, but when it comes to Jelly Drops – there is no stopping them!

According to Lewis, when he introduced the product to his grandmother, she ate 7 Jelly Drops in just 10 minutes. Considering that this equals to a glass of water and that it would take hours to convince her to drink it in the natural state, the idea proved to be working.


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Lewis Hornby has tested Jelly Drops at some care homes for people with dementia and received numerous awards for his creation. Lewis continues to work on his creation to be able to manufacture “hydrating treats” on a large scale.


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This idea is wonderful, isn’t it? If you like Lewis’s invention too, share this news so that more people know about it!

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