Shocking! Woman Makes Maternity Photos With Snakes And Thousands Of Bees


September 27, 2018 16:04 By Fabiosa

It is becoming increasingly popular for future moms to take beautiful photos celebrating pregnancy. Now, a high-quality photo shoot is a must for many pregnant women.


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Usually, future mothers go for romantic looks, but Emily Mueller decided to go for something else. Last year, the young woman from Ohio, USA, teamed up with photographer Kendrah Damis to make an unusual photo shoot.

Emily and her husband Ryan are beekeepers, so they decided to make the best of it. This is how they had come up with an idea of the photo shoot, in which pregnant Emily posed with 20,000 on her belly.

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Immediately, the couple received a strong backlash from the internet community, who thought Emily was endangering her baby, but she explained that she knew what she was doing.

People feel like I’m endangering my child, but it’s due to a lack of education on honey bees — they don’t understand how gentle they really are.

- Emily told in an interview.

Unfortunately, Emily suffered a stillbirth (obviously not because of the bees), and when she got pregnant again, she decided to get a new maternity shoot.

She and her husband decided that she would pose with the bees again, but this time in a costume of an “Egyptian goddess.”

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Uma publicação compartilhada por Kendrah Damis (@kendrahdamisphotography) em

I didn’t want to do the same thing I did last time. I wanted to do something more unique. I truly wanted to represent the amazing miracle of how a woman’s body is so amazing and we’re all a goddess being able to give birth. In my mind, I wanted to be a symbolic queen bee.

But this time Emily didn’t stick to bees – there were pictures with a white dove in her hand and a snake wrapped around her body.

This couple, who already has 3 children, has definitely shown that they have a great connection to nature, haven’t they?

It’s fair to mention that Emily and her husband are experienced beekeepers and they’ve taken every precaution to ensure safety during these photo shoots.

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