Story Of Hope And Strength. Disabled Mother About The Greatest Gift Of Her Life: “My Five Year Old Son Is My Arms”

Date September 25, 2018

Sometimes in life everything seems to be lost or hopeless, but it is in the midst of these situations that something very special can happen and show how important it is to believe.

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Miriam Mawira is an African woman who has an inspiring life story to tell and an important lesson to teach.

She was born without both arms and from childhood had to learn that her life would be different from other people’s.

But surprisingly Miriam soon became independent. As soon as she accepted the fact she would be like this for the rest of her life, she trained herself to live without both upper limbs.

It turns out there is nothing stronger than the human power of will...

As a child, she used to be taunted by classmates, who asked if she had left her arms at home and other offensive jokes.

For these reasons, the African developed fears and self-esteem issues.

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In spite of everything, Ms. Mawira became a strong and fearless woman.

I used to fear giving birth because I never thought I would make it. When I received the news that I was pregnant I almost went into shock.

She feared that her baby would be born with some defects. Many even advised her to give up her pregnancy because it would be on the verge of impossible to raise a child without arms.

Her mother, however, was the one who supported her most and said she would help her with everything she needed.

When little Samuel was born, Miriam's life changed completely. A baby brings joy to any home, but in her case, it was even a greater blessing.

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As promised, everyone in her family helped and gave her strength in the first years of Samuel’s life. And now, 5 years later the little boy became his mother's best friend and according to Miriam:

My 5 year old son is my 2 arms.

Even though he is very young, Samuel already understands his mother’s condition and always helps her. He loves to do what his mother can’t and is more mature than many adults in this matter.

Gradually, the little one became the greater support of Miriam and she proudly tells that Samuel is the greatest gift of her life.

The story of this woman is a source of hope and inspiration. And it shows us that we can be blessed even when we don’t see it.

Nothing is impossible if you have the strength and hope to move on.

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