Young Autistic Man Overcomes Difficulties And Is About To Graduate In Medicine!

Date September 11, 2018

Enã Rezende is 26 years old, lives in Rondonópolis (Brazil) and is about to fulfill his dream: to finish a medical school. Even with the diagnosis of autism, which he received at 18 and kept a secret until 2017, he didn’t give up and even participated in a TV program to tell his story.

The desire to become a doctor came at the age of seven when he lost his father in a car accident. As soon as he heard the news, in his grief, Enã started looking for ways to keep other children from feeling this pain.

As his father suffered a traumatic brain injury, he soon decided to become a neurosurgeon.

I know it's not a very common thought for a child,

he told in an interview with Fatima Bernardes.

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Accompanying another neurosurgery, thank you Lord !!!

The story of the young person bears a certain resemblance to the ABC’s series The Good Doctor.

During the show, Fatima brought up the similarities between Enã and the TV series’ doctor Shaun Murphy, portrayed by Freddie Highmore. A little embarrassed by the comparison, the future doctor said:

He is very intelligent, I can’t compare with him.

To which the presenter replied:

Your humbleness is very becoming, but we also know that you are very intelligent.

In addition to talking about college, the program also praised Enã's choice to make his diagnosis public, despite the existing prejudice towards autistic people in the job market.

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Here you can see a fragment of the show with Enã in Spanish

Although the family always knew the youngster to be autistic, the first diagnosis was child psychosis. Only at the age of 18 did the healthcare professionals manage to establish the final diagnosis.

It was known only to his family and close friends, until April 2, 2017, World Autism Awareness Day, when he revealed it on his social networks. He also has a sister with a severer degree of autism.

Everyday, I say to God: thank you for making me this way. Thank you for making me autistic.

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