Homeless Man Was Finally Invited To The Wedding And Presented The Newlywed Couple The Cutest Gift Possible

Date August 22, 2018

Kindness generates kindness. Love creates love. This is exactly how our everyday life works: you make people feel good, and they make the same for you. Often, we don’t even expect to receive something in return, but life is a surprising thing, and it always brings you what you deserve.

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Melina Nucci and Adriano Silva didn’t do a miracle on their wedding day. Their tiny gesture turned out to mean a lot to an ordinary homeless man.

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The couple decided to celebrate their wedding ceremony in one of São Paulo churches. Once Melina arrived at the door she spotted a homeless. The young man approached and made a simple request. He asked if he could attend the wedding. Melina didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The ceremony was amazing. However, after the event, another big surprise waited for the couple.

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The unexpected guest decided to express his gratitude with a meaningful gesture: he knelt down and offered a flower to the couple. He confessed he was very happy as this was the first time he had the opportunity to see a wedding.

The humble gesture may have seemed small, however, it made a great sense to the couple. The bride works for an NGO company dealing with the street population. They offer food, toiletries, and overnight stays for homeless. Was that a coincidence?

Melina decided to share the story in the social networks:

Among so many marriages that happen every day, it was mine that you entered, bringing us the immense meaning. For someone who works with street people, I am now totally sure where I must be.

Unfortunately, Melina didn’t ask the name of her guest, but she will try to find him again. Anyway, the universe has already shown the sign of its gratitude. Do you still need proof that good creates good?

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