Be Different! Models With Down Syndrome Ruin The Stereotypes Of Old Beauty Standards

Date October 1, 2018 14:09

Only a few years ago, our world was full of unreasonable stereotypes, making people with differences feel cast out and wronged. Luckily, nowadays, there is no place for prejudice and all the doors are open. For example, it is possible to meet people of all shapes and forms even in the modeling business. This advancement is immense considering that a few years back in order to be a model, a woman had to be slender, tall, have a thin face and stunning hair.

Now, in addition to the diversity we find on the catwalks, there are professionals with certain disabilities. For example, little cutie Jordan Grace MacKeigan, who is only four years old, has already achieved serious success in her profession.

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How did it happen? Modeling agents noticed the little beauty when she was participating in the project Changing The 'Face' Of Beauty. Since then, her career has been nothing but successful. The girl definitely deserves all the recognition for her resourcefulness and spontaneity. Just take a look:

Another model that defies stereotypes is Katie Meade. She has repeatedly taken part in various campaigns and advertising videos.


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Besides, she is greatly respected and admired in this business. Her hairdresser, Alan Randall, shared his experience of working with the girl:

I’ve worked with thousands of models. Katie was the first one with Down syndrome. I think she really shows a beauty that goes beyond appearance. It is all about her inner world.

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Before becoming a model, Katie was an ambassador for the NGO Best Buddies, which helps people with disabilities get jobs.

Shortly after, she was the first person with Down syndrome to become a face of hair products for a popular brand.

Katie, like little Jordan, has had an inspiring experience. She shows that beauty is far beyond what is visible. It is a state of mind, and her own experiences open doors for more models with disabilities. She's managed to break down walls so that others can succeed too.

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