“Because Of You, I Was Born Again”: This Boy Has Almost Lost His Battle Against Leukemia, But His Younger Sister Saved His Life

Date October 2, 2018 16:36

What would you say to someone who made a caring gesture to save your life? This little boy thanked his sister in the most emotional way after she donated him her bone marrow to save him in the last moment.

Guilherme was only 11 years old when he was hospitalized with an ear infection and, to the family’s surprise, the doctors discovered he had leukemia. 99% of the boy’s cells were already infected. The family had almost no time and no clue what to do to save their little boy.

Guilherme spent the first 45 days in the hospital and immediately started urgent chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the doctors didn’t have a positive conclusion: the type of leukemia was so aggressive that even the chemotherapy treatment had little chances of saving the boy’s life. There was only one hope left: a bone marrow donation.

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In terms of statistics, the family had even poorer chances than with chemotherapy: the chance of finding a compatible bone marrow donor is 1 in 100,000. Luckily, miracles do happen! Guilherme’s youngest sister, Isabele, who was just 4 years old turned out to be 100% compatible with the boy and his bone marrow. 

The transplantation went successfully! The boy had to be isolated because of low immunity and couldn’t thank his sister personally. However, as soon as Guilherme learned that the transplant was successful, he wasted no time, and made a touching video where he thanked the girl with pure excitement:

If it weren’t for you, I would have never been born again. Thank you, Isa, I love you, Isa, thank you ... My 'Medulhinha.'

The girl’s response was filmed by the boy’s mother. Isabele responded with sincere love, highlighting her innocent childish nature:

I love you Guilherme! I love you, I love you, so much and even more!

The video was posted on Cancer Fighting Facebook page and has already been viewed 3 million times. It has been shared more than 70 thousand times, has more than 60 thousand reactions, and 4 thousand comments.

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Bone marrow donation

Guilherme’s case can be considered a miracle, but the chances of him finding compatibility within the family were about 25%. God helped them understand timely that little angel Isabele had been there all along. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of cases of incompatibility within the family (even between twin brothers)!

As you have already seen the statistics, finding a bone marrow donor isn’t easy. Finding a person who is a 100% compatibility is a huge challenge, but this time, the family was lucky enough. Countries of greater genetic diversity are in particular need for bone marrow donors.

This difficult path can be easily softened if the right people are found. Subscribe as a donor at your local hospital, and perhaps, you may once save someone’s life.

It won’t take a lot of time and will require only a tiny blood sample (10 ml). As a result, you can be an angel for someone, like Isabele once became for Guilherme!

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