From Nicotine Gum To Doll Cemetery: The Strangest Collections From All Over The World


September 26, 2018 20:12 By Fabiosa

People enjoy collecting stuff. When we were kids, everything seemed new and exciting: postage stamps, phone cards, stationery, dolls, or any other objects worth collecting.

As time passes, our collections end up being left behind. Some of the belongings are thrown away, sold if they have any value, or even given to another collector.

Interestingly enough, some people never get rid of their collections. Many develop a certain obsession with objects and even scatter them throughout the house as decoration. Today, we have prepared some extremely bizarre (and some even disgusting) collections that exist around the world.



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Everyone has a favorite superhero, but Herbert Chavez from the Philippines is way more obsessed. Known as living Clark Kent, he collects absolutely everything about the comic book character. Take a look at these photos from his collection.


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Jian Yang from Singapore is perhaps one of the biggest Barbie fans we know. That’s because he has a collection consisting of more than 6,000 dolls! The 36-year-old man can’t stop showing off his accumulated treasure on Instagram. Apart from that, his extensive knowledge of the doll’s history is impressive.

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Dolls cemetery


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Etanis Gonzalez from Venezuela has a “doll cemetery” just outside his house. For those who pass by, the exposition may look really scary. Or is it impressive?

Royal family


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There are millions of fans of the British royal family. However, Margaret Tyler decided to take it to next level. She has a real collection of various objects obtained from the royal family over the years.



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French model Emeline Duhautoy loves cows and plush. As a result, she has been collecting stuffed cows in her home for seven years. It is an immense collection that increases year after year.

Celebrity hair

Regardless of how weird all the previous collections may seem, John Reznikoff might surprise you even more. He gathers celebrities’ hair, and his collection includes famous people such as Edgar Allan Poe, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, and even Ludwig van Beethoven.

Nicotine gum

This strange collection started as an addiction. Barry Chappell was on an international flight and since he couldn't smoke, he decided to chew nicotine gum and rolled it into a ball. Six years and more than 95,000 pieces of gum later, the ball is a massive reminder which he proudly displays to remind himself he hasn’t been smoking since that time.

What about your collections? Do you have any? Share your achievements in the comments.

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