Her Biggest Dream Was To Get Pregnant, But Now, Her Son Can’t Enjoy His Mother’s Presence


October 1, 2018 18:38 By Fabiosa

When a woman reaches a certain age, she subconsciously develops a desire to become a mother. It is quite common to want to have children and live a calm family life.

The story of this famous Spanish blogger has been viewed at least by her 14,000 subscribers who tracked her posts to find out how she was doing. Unfortunately, they had to learn there was no happy ending.


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Vanessa and her husband were unable to conceive naturally, so they relied on in vitro fertilization. As soon as they discovered they were going to become parents, they started blogging about every single moment of the pregnancy.

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Vanessa couldn’t stop posting adorable pictures of the first presents, happy future father, and of course her growing belly. Her Instagram subscribers were pleased to see the delighted couple.

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It might have looked like a fairy tale, but unlike one it had a tragic ending. A few days before the baby was born, Vanessa’s husband shared some terrible news with the subscribers:


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This morning, while I was having breakfast, my wife went sick and passed out. An ambulance took her to the hospital, and the doctors had to perform an emergency C-section. Our baby’s condition is critical, and he’s in the ICU at the moment.

However, the tragic news wasn’t over:

She had a cardiac arrest and passed away. I write all this because my wife loved all of you and the least I could do now is to say goodbye for her.

Since then, he uses the page to post updates on the son’s health status, who was fortunately discharged from the hospital and taken home.

In one of the latest posts, the super daddy, as he has been recently named, appeared with his son on his lap and the family dog:


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Here’s our first family photo. The fourth member watches us from the sky and helps us wake up every day. Now, it is very difficult to deal with all this – diapers, milk powder, lullabies, crying.

Fortunately, many people have supported the super daddy and sent many messages of love and encouragement. Share this article with the friends, maybe some of them will even help the widowed father.

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