School Girls Protest Against The Ban On Wearing Shorts Since This Item “Distracts” Teachers

Date October 1, 2018 18:52

During our school years, the uniform was an obligatory item of clothing. Most of the time it was a long skirt or pants, accompanied by a jacket. However, over time, schools have become more flexible on this subject and students are becoming increasingly freer to wear what they consider appropriate and comfortable in the studying environment.

Nowadays, it is common for many schools to make it compulsory only to wear a uniform shirt, leaving the bottom to students' discretion. Thus, the young people wear jeans, shorts and even short skirts.

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However, in some educational establishments, certain clothing is considered to be an infraction of the school code, and students are forbidden to wear the clothes they wanted.

For example, it is common for some institutions to determine the “appropriate length” of skirts and shorts, especially when these items are worn by young girls.

For this reason, a school in São Carlos has had a tremendous students' protest after enacting a very particular ban: girls can no longer wear short shorts. Boys, on the other hand, can wear whatever they want.

What is the reason for that? When girls wear such outfit, they are claimed to end up attracting too much attention from other students and even teachers. In other words, it would provoke harassment.

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Such attitude outraged the students, and they decided to perform a particular demonstration: 106 youngsters, both boys and girls, came to school in "forbidden clothes,” with the intention of attracting the attention of the authorities to this matter.

The strike was immediately shared on Facebook and has already gone viral all over the social network.

The shorts’ prohibition has already spread even to malls! One student made a post on her Facebook account saying she was asked to leave one of the malls in the USA simply because her shorts were too short.

The explanation given by the security guards was that men “weren’t able to control themselves.” Just like in the high school of São Carlos, several people soon agreed to make a protest in front of the place wearing short shorts.

Although the cases happened in very different places, we know that women are usually subjected to this type of judgment due to the style and size of the clothes they choose to wear.

Now, we want to know your opinion – do you think that the ban on wearing short shorts in a school environment should be reconsidered? After all, are there even the right clothes for every place and occasion? Share your opinions in the comments.

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