Stepmom Robs A Girl Of Her Identity By Cutting And Straightening Her Gorgeous Curls Without Her Permission


December 17, 2018 17:08 By Fabiosa

Little Bella has always been empowered and proud of her roots. Her long curly hair, which the girl simply adored, was her identity, and the little digital influencer’s Instagram account, supervised by her mother, already has reached 218,000 followers.

For her beauty and attitude, the girl has been offered child modeling gigs. Her long curly locks were her pride and joy, her trademark, and source of her confidence. Until they were taken away without Bella’s permission.

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The story was shared by Bella's mother, Fernanda Taysa, indignant about violation of her daughter’s rights. According to Fernanda, the current wife of Bella's father gave her a reason to believe she didn’t like the girl's hair before. Once, during a video call, the stepmother’s first words to Bella were not hello or how do you do, but "go get that hair, Bella".i

Once, before returning the girl to Fernanda, her ex-husband informed her that Bella had changed her look. According to her father, she had “her tips" cut and straightened, and she loved it.

But when she got home, Bella was devastated and completely dispirited, a mere ghost of what she used to be. With her hair cut more than half its length, the girl didn’t look anything like “she loved it”.

Outraged, her mother posted the whole story on Facebook.

It's right for her to feel good about her identity, her roots, her story that can't be violated by no vanity unless she wants it, and I have the conviction she didn't.

According to some experts, the stepmother's actions and attitude can be qualified as a crime of injury or light bodily injury on the grounds of racial discrimination.

Crime or not, the biggest trauma was in Bella's life, which had her confidence and identity literally taken away by the closest people - her family.

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