Real Life Hero! Immigrant Who Climbed A Building To Save Child In Paris Will Be Granted French Citizenship

This real-life hero’s name is Mamoudou Gassama. He climbed four storeys to save a child, which was hanging on the balcony of a building in the 18th district of Paris.

He seems like a guy you don’t need to ask twice for help. When interviewed by the French channel BFM TV, the young man said that when he saw the child hanging, "he did not think, he just saved the boy."

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The video that shows the heroic act of the 22-year-old and how everything happened was posted on the internet. In less than a minute, the young man climbs four storeys up until he gets the boy inside apartment.

An immigrant from Mali living in a shelter in France and for six years trying to secure legal residency, Mr. Gassama was received by Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace on Monday, May 28. In addition to expressing gratitude for his admirable act and giving him a medal in recognition of his bravery, the French President promised to make him a naturalized French citizenship. Also, he was offered a job at the Fire Department.

While his action was one of exceptional bravery, the African got scared after having saved the child:

I went into the living room and I started to shake, I had to sit down and ask the boy why he did such a thing.

When the firefighters arrived, the child had already been rescued. The spokesman of the Fire Department, Mr. Gassama’s future colleague, acknowledged Mamoudou's good training and courage.

After this, both were taken to the hospital for routine check-ups. The "hero" was OK, except for some knee pain. The boy didn’t have a scratch, although he was shocked.

Local officials said the boy's parents were not at home when he went to the balcony. His mother was not in Paris at the time, and the father has been detained for questioning. The custody of the child was temporarily taken from the family.

Mamoudou's courage is incredible, isn’t it? The world needs more people like this.

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