She Made Her Life Example: Views Of Model Nara Almeida Inspired People All Over The World

Date May 25, 2018 17:57

The story of the model Nara Almeida was inspiring till the end. Her fight against a rare form of stomach cancer, discovered in August 2017, and attitude dealing with day-to-day difficulties have touched the hearts of countless people all over the world.

A few months ago, she wrote on Instagram:

God, please, hold my hand once more, my distressed soul calls for your attention, it’s never been so hard, help me, give me strength. When I think I'm strong, I am nothing but weak, but when I recognize that I am nothing without you, nothing is impossible.

The young model died on Monday 21th. Although her story seems to have ended, Nara's legacy carries on. Her example of strength, shared with more than 4 million followers, is still alive. Here are some of life lessons she left us.

Celebrate small victories

Always hopeful, she celebrated every little victory: the first chemotherapy, successful minor surgical procedures, and the days she was discharged.

She accompanied the photo with a caption:

The joy of being discharged for today !!

Believing in love

With her followers, Nara shared the entire love story with her boyfriend Pedro Rocha, who supported and accompanied his girlfriend to the end.

The caption under this photo says: 

Thank you for holding my hand in the most difficult moments, my love! I love you

Break stereotypes

The disease brought changes in the model’s body. She started wearing a nose tube and questioning the standards established by society. The model posted:

Over time, we learn that everything we think of, like status, clothes, parties, money ... is temporary, and we can see the true value of our health, family, friends, moments ...  only those who have fought or who   have relatives with cancer, or lost someone, know the suffering and the struggle of each day, each battle won is a great lesson. When you are young, you think that nothing bad will ever happen, we live as if there is no tomorrow, but suddenly everything can change! Cherish your family, friends, and especially your health. Enjoy and be thankful for the present! Even though I am going through moments of pain and anguish, I continue to be grateful for my life, I still believe that everything will be fine in the end, I still believe that I will fulfill all my dreams. Amen!!

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Be forgiving

While having tough times, the model found it in herself to forgive her mother, Eva Maria, for having given her to be raised by the grandparents. Nara said she understood her mother's reasons. Eva stayed with her daughter until the last minute.

The model shared her thoughts on Instagram:

We should value our moms because at times like these they will always hold our hands. I've lived my whole life away from mine and today I have the opportunity to be close and I can’t imagine myself living one day away from her. In health and illness I will always be at your side. Love you


The model openly shared about her depression with her followers, and encouraged others not to give in.

She dedicated this post to people suffering from depression:

I'm going to use this picture to talk about DEPRESSION. Medication I take causes huge depression. It hurts me not to be able to think positive, to see nothing but the darkness and problems that seem unsolvable, everything becomes difficult, sad, dark. But today I want to speak directly to people suffering from depression, I have learned that everything depends on us, I have been letting myself to be sad for a few hours, some days! But there are days like this, for example, that I fight against myself and against my negative thoughts, we have to be strong, it is difficult but deep down if we try we can do it! Today I did several nice things and spent the day with my friends, and I began to reflect on how much they do for me, I began to reflect on all the good that has happened to me, even with this disease. Sometimes I feel that everything is lost, sometimes it seems that there is no way out, but it all depends on us! Everything is in our hands, we should just believe in people! It's late afternoon, I'm not sleeping (I take medicine to sleep) so I began to reflect on everything that's happened and everything still going to happen, and I decided that from now on I will not give in, I'll watch over my thoughts and actions and do everything for this depression to go away, because it's not me, I'm not like that, I do not accept it in my life! Chemotherapy causes fatigue, depression, anxiety, panic! I've spent days trying to find words to describe everything I'm living though, but it's so hard. I wish you a week full of joys and good news! Let's fight.


Even facing a major personal problem, Nara took time to be supportive of others who were in a similar position. She has always been concerned about other hospital patients.

The caption says:

My roommate gave me a great life lesson! Dona Maria is already discharged and she's going home! God be praised!

Be positive

Always cheerful, the model tried to face the difficulties of the disease with a smile on her face. She kept hope even when she received bad news. And she made her hard path as light and beautiful as she could.

Micaela Araújo dedicated this post to Nara Almeida:

Healing does not always consist of body regeneration. You've been healed forever! Death can’t reach you, life will never pass. Your Father is proud of you, now you know! Nothing, absolutely nothing will take your happiness and good mood away! This beautiful smiling face and pierced hands are there with you to tell you that your mission has been fulfilled, that your life is important to the world and to all who suffered and are suffering from this devastating disease. Thank you, Father, for Nara's life, for I know she's being rewarded with eternity.

Staying brave till the end, Nara faced the most difficult moments without losing hope. And it showed that her story really had a great purpose.

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