Attention, Ladies! Does A Lump Always Mean Breast Cancer?

Date October 10, 2018

After the age of 40, many women begin to worry about the danger of developing breast cancer.  

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Of course, younger women are also diagnosed with this condition, but the risk is about 7% lower. Still, by the age, 20 girls need to start examining themselves periodically for signs that may indicate the disease.

The correct method to check for breast cancer is to feel for lumps that indicate the presence of benign or malignant tumors in the breast.

Does every lump mean cancer?

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If you find a lump during this self-examination, experts say there is no need to panic or despair, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have breast cancer.

In fact, a breast lump may indicate a number of other things. Some of the most common are:

  • fibroadenoma - a type of noncancerous tumor that most often occurs in young women. Usually, it is very mobile;
  • breast cysts – breast cysts, like other cysts, are benign lumps filled with fluid. They usually appear in women approaching menopause;
  • other benign fibrocystic masses - a benign combination of a fibrous mass, such as a fibroadenoma, and a cyst;
  • breast cancer – while it is not always true, cancerous lumps are usually painless and firmer.

Attention, Ladies! Does A Lump Always Mean Breast Cancer?

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Does your lump hurt when touched or even untouched? If yes, it is probably not cancer!

That is, there are a number of reasons for the appearance of benign lumps.

  • normal hormonal changes in the breast tissue (such as when menstruation occurs);
  • breast infection (also known as mastitis);
  • fatty lumps formed as a result of trauma;
  • taking some medications;
  • certain conditions: fibrocystic breasts; benign cysts; fibroadenomas; intraductal papillomas - most of these are hard or rubbery lumps in the milk ducts and surrounding breast tissue, strongly related to the menstrual cycle and hormone levels.

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Other common causes of breast pain include the use of birth control pills, fertility treatments and even more routine things, such as wearing smaller bras.

When you should see a doctor?

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Now, you're probably wondering when it's time to seek medical help.

Make a doctor’s appointment if the lump doesn’t hurt and is accompanied by other known symptoms of breast cancer.

For example, unexplained itchiness or a rash on the breast, breast pain that persists even after your next period, and changes in the shape of the nipple.

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In any case, a breast lump should never be ignored. If you have any suspicion, it is best to seek medical help. Moreover, after the age of 20, it is mandatory to have regular checkups to timely diagnose and prevent this condition.

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