Women Have Their Privacy Invaded In The Least Expected Places: Public Toilets

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September 13, 2018 15:13 By Fabiosa

What would you do if you found out you were filmed while using a public toilet? To make matters worse, the illegal footage was then shared on porn sites around the world. It seems unlikely, doesn’t it? This is now happening to thousands of women in South Korea.

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According to a report, there were 6,000 registered cases in 2017 alone, and in 80% of them, women were the main victims.

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The government is so concerned that public restrooms are now being unexpectedly checked every day, searching for hidden cameras.

Apart from that, the victims often don't realize they've been filmed and aren’t aware that these videos are published online, being watched by thousands of people.

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Koreans have even organized protests against such behavior. 

Even though these cases are most common in Asia, experts say other countries, including Brazil, suffer from this crime.

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Security companies have already created hidden cameras with various configurations which are used by criminals for this type of recording. Here are some of them:

  • screw: This hidden camera has been one of the most used to take compromising images in public restrooms;
  • hanger: This simple object shocked police the most, as they found that many of them may contain hidden cameras. They were recording women’s intimate parts inside the restrooms;
  • phones under tables or sinks: In these cases, the criminals may not always want intimate pictures. They illegally collect information in such a way. The object is placed right below tables or bathroom sinks -- as soon as the criminals get what they want -- is then picked up without anyone noticing;
  • toothbrushes: This common item personal hygiene item also didn’t manage to escape criminal use. Many companies already manufacture hidden cameras in toothbrushes. You’d better check yours to be sure.

It’s always good to stay alert and check every detail when using toilets and other public places. Even though the cameras may be well hidden, finding them may help you avoid serious trouble.

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