Tired, Confused And Weak? Maybe Your Body Is Crying Out For Vitamin B!

Date October 6, 2018 14:57

If you wake up with a strong, persistent headache and when you get out of bed you feel dizzу for a moment, you might think that you just got up way too early. As you walk toward the bathroom you feel distracted and maybe a bit disoriented. You stop in front of the door leading to the street and find yourself in confusion, thinking that you desperately need some sleep.

After having breakfast, you feel a monstrous craving for sleep (despite the fact that you've slept for almost 10 consecutive hours!), not to mention constant weakness and sadness that became your normal state, frequent skin rashes that you can't explain and many other symptoms. All these signs can (and should) be interpreted as the most explicit lack of vitamin B in your body!

No wonder, most doctors recommend that we opt for a balanced diet. We need a wide range of products where we can find not only one vitamin B-12, for instance, but the entire B-complex, which is composed of eight B vitamins.

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B-complex vitamins: for less complex life

Deficiency in any of the components of B-complex vitamins directly affects our health. It is good to keep in mind that different types come from different foods and that all of them are essential for your body. Vitamins B-7 and B-9 are found in fruits and vegetables, B-12 can be received from some dairy products, among others.

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Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency

When you don't feel right

Dementia, paranoia, depression and even certain types of drastic changes in behavior, which many attribute to some form of psychiatric syndrome or pathology, can be caused by vitamin B-12 deficiency. The lack of this substance can cause neurological damage, which is often irreversible.

The most common consequence of vitamin B-12 deficiency is anemia and mental confusion (or dementia). Also, if you feel a lot of tingling sensation in the feet and hands, extreme fatigue, weakness, irritability or depression, it may also be a sign that your body is asking for this essential vitamin.

You eat a lot but still have no energy

Eating at work is absolutely useless because it doesn't have any effect on your energy level and productivity. You get sick all the time, without explanation, your skin gets irritated and fills with small rashes (dermatitis) and your lips crack.

This means your body may be lacking B-6 (pyridoxine). It helps the body turn food into energy and fight infections. In fact, it is imperative that pregnant and breastfeeding women take this vitamin as a supplement to help their babies to develop normally.

Looking tired, dry mouth and slowness in thoughts

If the cracks in the corners of the mouth become more and more painful, the lips also begin to crack, the mouth and tongue become purplish, and scaly patches appear on the head, accompanied by increased irritability and mental confusion, it means your body needs vitamin B-1 (Thiamin) and vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin).

You are suffering from digestive disorders

For quite a while, you've been having digestive problems such as nausea and abdominal cramps, which frequently come out of the blue! The lack of vitamin B-3 (Niacin) also causes serious mental confusion, in addition to the negative influence on your digestive tract.

Do you have diarrhea every other day?

If you have anemia, frequent diarrhea, and a mixture of all the other symptoms mentioned above...

...your body is crying out for vitamin B-9 (Folic acid). This substance is so important that pregnant women are recommended to take B-9 as a supplement to prevent any defects in baby's development. At the same time, too much vitamin B-9 can cause neurological damage to the baby.

Now let's look through a small illustrated list of foods rich in vitamin B! Take notes:

B-1B-2, and B-7

Almonds, whole grains, carrots, lettuce, beans, chickpeas, dark green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, lentils, and nuts, etc.

B-3, B-5, and B-6

Tomatoes, dried fruits, peanuts, vegetables, pasta and whole wheat, avocado, spinach, bananas, prunes, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pistachio, cauliflower, sprouted wheat, melons, raisins, etc.


Oranges (and most citrus fruits), broccoli, kale, spinach, lentils, grains, turnip, beans, etc.


Whole grains, soy, dairy products and most foods of animal origin. There is, however, one thing to remember. It is just impossible to get enough of B-12 from dairy and vegeterian products. Therefore, vegeterians are recommended to take B-12 supplements and have their blood tested for B-12 from time to time.

If you have noticed the symptoms mentioned above, you can try to improve your intake of B vitamins. We hope you understand that even smallest deficiency in virtually any substance may affect both your body and mind. If you have any digestive disorders, experience a lot of stress, or abuse alcohol, you are at the higher risk of vitamin B deficiency.

Consult a nutritionist to find out the dosage of the vitamins your body requires!

Source: healthline, mundodoaforma, everydayhealth

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