Bought A Pair Of Too-Big Shoes And Don’t Know What To Do? Use These Tips To Make Them Fit

Date August 20, 2018

Buying shoes that don’t fit may not be a big problem if you can exchange them. But what to do, when this option is off the table?

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Wearing a pair of shoes that are too big can be very uncomfortable and even harmful. When feet move inside your shoes, it can compromise your posture or even hurt you badly.

So, let's see how to make your shoes fit.

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Use thick insoles

In sneakers, these soft foamy cushions under your feet are easily removed to facilitate washing, but you may find it harder to remove them in other shoes.

The good news is that you can easily but padded and comfortable insoles and help to better set your foot inside the shoe. They will do a great job at preventing your foot from moving inside a big shoe.


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Those bands you use to protect your feet, especially in new tight shoes, can be used for a completely opposite situation. You can easily adhere a few of these strips in places, where the shoe is loose.

Water and sun

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Water can shrink some shoes. If you do it right, you can achieve the desired effect and save a lot of your money. But first, make sure that you can get that pair of shoes wet by checking the label or the box.

Put your shoes in water or spray them with it, then let them dry under the sun, and then check if they fit. If a shoe hasn’t shrunk enough, you can repeat the process and experiment.


Find a piece of soft material or buy ready inserts for oversized shoes and adhere it with some strong glue where needed.

Orthopedic insoles 

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The orthopedic insoles are essentially insoles too, but they are usually thicker, which will help making big shoes fit better. Make sure you buy a pair, not only one orthopedic insole because you can hurt yourself walking with your feet at different heights.


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As a last resort, you can get your shoes fixed by a specialist, that is a cobbler.

Though at a higher cost, the professional will surely fix your footwear the way you want, and if everything else failed, the cost will be worth it.

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