Take Off Sneakers And Slip-Ons Safely - With These Lifehacks They Won’t Stink Anymore

Date September 21, 2018

Most ladies have been in a situation when they had to take off their shoes in a certain place, and immediately everybody noticed the unpleasant smell. What an embarrassment!

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If you are a sneaker-lover, you may have noticed that this type of shoes can give a specific smell. It doesn’t come directly from the shoes, but only when you take them off.


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We want you to know that if you have ever been in this embarrassing situation, you are not alone.

Now, many women refuse to wear sneakers or slip-ons for this reason.

On the internet, there are a lot of stories related to awkward situations, in which people took off these nice shoes in a public place and immediately spread a pungent odor.

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There are several effective ways to get rid of this extremely unpleasant smell. So you no longer have to refuse wearing sneakers you love so much.

Remember or take notes!

1. Apple cider or other vinegar


Yes, vinegar is an excellent product for cleaning your shoes from the inside to eliminate the odor. This is due to the acid contained in vinegar - it can neutralize strong odors.

To do this, you only need a tissue or a small brush (it can be an old toothbrush). After you rub the inside of the shoe with vinegar, let it dry for a day. The smell will disappear.

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2. Salt or baking soda


There are two more items in your kitchen that can help you win this fight. Both products are great for removing bacteria that cause unpleasant odors in shoes.

The technique is elementary. First, make sure that the sneakers are clean and free of dust and dirt. Then sprinkle the inside of your shoes with a spoonful of salt or baking soda.

Leave a relatively long time, for example, overnight.

Before wearing the sneakers, remove the remaining soda or salt, and you will immediately notice a huge difference.

3. Absorbent pads

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This advice may seem strange, but it works. The main problem with slip-ons is that people wear them without socks.

This causes a rather unpleasant smell, and you are back to square one.

When using absorbent pads as insoles in slip-ons, your feet are standing on a thick layer of cotton, which absorbs excess moisture and odor, preventing them from entering the shoes.

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4. Proper foot hygiene


In fact, it makes no sense to use different lifehacks to get rid of the bad smell, if you don’t care about your hygiene.

So, don’t forget to wash your feet and keep them clean and healthy.

Now you know that there are effective ways to deal with this problem. Make sure to use them and share this valuable information with your friends!

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