How To Clean Your Windows And Mirrors In The Most Correct And Safe Way

Date August 29, 2018

Glass is being increasingly used in the decoration and composition of our homes. With sophisticated and elegant walls, ceilings, and even glass floors, they became extra refinement in the indoor environment, making the house look more modern and providing the feeling of more space.

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However, do you know the right way to clean the glass surfaces in your home? It is a rather delicate process because it needs extra care when cleaning, not to damage its transparency or to prevent accidents since it’s extremely easy to break. A few following tips may be important to make your life easier!

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Cleaning windows in a simple way

Even though it is a very easy procedure, you still have to be extremely careful. You will simply need a glass cleaner, a glove, a glass squeegee and cloths to rub the surface dry. Apply the cleaner on the glass with a squeegee and rub around the surface. Then, remove the cleaner vertically starting from the top and wipe the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth.

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Be careful not to apply too much product. Also don’t push too hard while cleaning. If there is any crust, remove it with a scraper while the surface is still wet.

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How to clean different types of glass?

  • blasted glass: Do not use abrasive products for this type. Choose neutral soap as colored products can leave stains. Finish cleaning with a mixture of water and alcohol;
  • bathroom box glass: Use white vinegar and apply it with a damp cloth. Always dry the glass after the bath to increase its lifespan;
  • small glass: For the most easy-to-handle glassware, you can place them inside a hot soapy bath and leave for a few hours. Use absorbent paper to dry. /

What about the mirror?

Mirrors are the most common glass elements in the houses. Luckily, it is still easy to clean them. Dampen a sponge or soft cloth with water, put a few drops of detergent and rub the surface carefully. Remove the soap with a wet cloth afterward and dry the surface with a paper towel and a bit of alcohol. Don’t forget about circular movements. Never spout water directly on the mirror! You can also remove dust before cleaning. The result will be a clean and shiny mirror!

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Avoid using helpless products

It is common to hear some magical methods on how to clean glasses correctly. However, not all of them are really effective. For example, it is not recommended to use newspaper, tow, or steel sponge for glass surfaces, since they can scratch and even break it. Vinegar is allowed, however, only white and pure type. Baking soda may also be used, if it is well-diluted, not to scratch the glass. Products with ammonia, chlorine, and bleach may also be harmful.

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Recipe for a homemade cleaner

Finally, a simple and infallible recipe to make your own window cleaner. It is enough to mix, paraffin with denatured alcohol in equal proportions. The result will be a substance that can be used to spout directly on the glass. Super effective!

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