No More Brittle Nails! Learn Once And For All How To Properly Care After Your Nails

Date October 2, 2018

Filing your nails is necessary to maintain beauty and hygiene. Does the way you file the nails somehow affect their health? The answer is yes! 


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Nails filed in different shapes can give a totally new and different look to your fingers. However, you need to know for sure which shape to choose to not damage your nails.

If you have very weak nails, it is advisable to file a round nail shape. They will break less often this way and offer greater durability. If you have short nails but want to lengthen them, opt for oval nails.

For square nails (a so-called squoval shape), which are preferred by salons, the advantage is obvious. This shape makes your fingers look thinner and longer.


Knowing this, it is important to pay attention to nail care in each shape. If you suffer from weak and brittle nails, the first step is to identify the cause of the problem. Using strengthening bases may help, but keep in mind that nail health starts from the inside out.

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It is also imperative to thoroughly care for your hands, which includes nails. When opening boxes, washing dishes, or even in the bath, be careful: it's easy to break long nails no matter how strong they are.

Some nail conditions could also indicate more serious problems:

  • pale and colorless: anemia, iron deficiency;
  • do not grow: use of some medications or lack of vitamin A and zinc;
  • dried and flaky: vitamin A deficiency, or too little calcium and protein intake;
  • thin and brittle: lack of protein.

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Visit a doctor or a salon nail technician if you need, or if home remedies don't work. This option is most recommended.

Once you know the desired shape, you can start to learn how to file them properly. First, know that you should not rub your nails in a sawing motion. By doing this move, the nails can crack, split, and even break. Ideally, start sanding from one side of the nail to the center and in one direction, in a more fluid motion. Also, firmly support your hands on a flat surface.

Now, how to properly file the desired shape:

Round nails: position the sandpaper on the side of the nail and with one-directional light movement, round it up to the center of the nail. Do the same on the other side, but be careful not to rub too much, or your nails will become uneven or crooked.

Square nails: start horizontally and slowly file in one direction from the top of the nail. Then move to the sides and do the same, but only vertically. Be careful not to make the nail very narrow. To prevent the nail from breaking and splitting, make the edge slightly rounded.

Oval nails: leave the sides of the nails straight. Then, lightly move your file in one direction in an arch shape from one side toward the top. Do the same on the other side.


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Did you like the tips? Healthy nails mean beautiful nails!

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