Snow In Africa! South Africans Are Scared By A Blizzard In The Middle Of September

Date September 12, 2018

Can you imagine snow, like in those Christmas movies, covering a tropical landscape?

This is actually happening across South Africa and the whole country is frightened by this rare occurrence.

The unlikely weather hit southern parts of the country on Saturday, September 8.

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Residents of the snowed regions shared pictures with various emotions. Many of the social network users pointed out that they haven’t seen anything like it for a long time.

However beautiful sight this may be, the whim of the weather caused many businesses to close and could even lead to shortages of food if prolonged.

However, for many South Africans, the incredible scenery outweighs the unpleasant aspects as social networks are being flooded by snowy pictures.

Among the pictures, there are tropical landscapes and even elephants covered in snow.

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Northern cities felt the strong chill, but not the blizzard.

Many reported that their homes aren’t equipped for such weather.

There have been no casualties or serious damage reported yet. Where else would you see giraffes and elephants covered in snow?

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