Restaurant Employee Abused A Homeless Man With Horrible Behavior. Internet Is Enraged [Video]


September 21, 2018 17:28 By Fabiosa

An unfortunate situation was spotted in one of São Paulo’s suburbs – Itatiba. While many people sympathize with and try to help the homeless, a local restaurant’s employee showed his hateful attitude. He approached a man who was sitting near the cafe and poured a bucket of cold water over him.

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This shocking behavior was recorded by a passer-by who walked near the establishment’s parking lot during the incident.

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The man published the video on his social media account, making the scandal go viral. Internet users couldn't keep silent and expressed their thoughts towards the disturbing incident:

Instead of pouring water, you could have offered him some food. That is absurd!

What a sad scene. I am happy to see the public’s opinion against the lack of love towards the poor homeless.

The victim turned out to be Adriano Donizete Sabino. According to his family, he lives on the street by his own choice and has problems with alcohol.

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Sabino's son, Thiago, spoke about his father’s fate:

He came to live with me twice, but he always ended up drinking again and again, finding himself on the street.

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Thiago also regretted seeing the humiliation his father suffered and said the family would take legal action against the restaurant.

Lawyer Felipe Gonçalves Brito has already offered to handle the case and said this sad incident is a violation of human dignity.

The café’s owners didn’t want to talk to the press. An employee’s wife issued a note saying the water wasn’t poured at Adriano. She claims her husband spilled the water on the place where the homeless man was sitting to get rid of urine under him.

This explanation hasn’t convinced the public which continues criticizing the restaurant’s reaction, and some people even threaten to boycott the establishment. The family lawyer also shared his official announcement about the incident:

Even though the video is disgusting, I ask not to take any actions. Everything will be resolved with law and justice, not to evoke the unnecessary violence.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first episode in Brazil. In 2017, the capital’s government employees were spotted pouring water with a fire hose at a homeless in central São Paulo.

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