Little Girl Covered Up For Her Bullied Friend Supporting Her During A Controversial Topic

Date July 16, 2018

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, prejudice and bias are quite widespread among all sorts of people. Not only adults are subjected in the bright expressions of racial and gender abuses, but children also take an active part in the similar experience. However, with increasing education and civility, we are fighting against the discriminatory attitudes and gradually making people realize we can no longer act this way.

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A video that came from Spain shows us some children are already growing up with this kind of awareness at such little age. Spanish television decided to find out whether children are capable of distinguishing and protecting their points of view if the topic concerns very controversial issues. The experiment featured two actress girls who found themselves in a disputable situation during their ballet class.

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The situation was completely set up to see the reaction of the children in the room. Little did they know how popular some of them would become after the experiment hits the Internet. A cute girl named Rocío became known particularly well after her unexpected behavior in the extraordinary situation.

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In the video, filmed exclusively for the Spanish TV program, the experiment starts with one of the girls arriving at the class with her parents, a homosexual couple.

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After witnessing the family parting, another girl says she doesn’t think the situation is completely normal. Only two girls in the room appear to be actresses: the one who makes the prejudiced comment and the one who arrives with the parents.

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Soon after the first biased comments, you may see how another girl, not an actress, defends the child being attacked:

So she has two fathers? It’s ok, right?

The attacks continue until the aggressor (actress) says she would feel ashamed if the other girl’s parents were to watch her performance. Rocío continues:

But what's the problem? If you are ashamed, you may just go away! She has two fathers, and that’s it! Accept it!

When the girls begin to lose temper and get out of control, the hostess comes along and explains it was all just an experiment.

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Rocío explained to the presenter that she was accustomed to defending her sister, who is suffering from Down syndrome. Video immediately became popular on social networks. There were more than 370 thousand shares in just over a week.

Hopefully, this vivid experiment will change the minds of those who watched it and perceived how different the life could be. The modern world is full of unexpected things, but people should learn to accept them, similarly to Rocío accepting her sister’s condition.

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