Hyperrealism With A Modern Approach: 5 Artists With Paintings That Look Like Photographs

Date December 18, 2017 16:39

What do you know about art?

It's a difficult question, as there can be many different answers. One of the characteristics we all agree about is the fact that art is a matter of opinion. What is beautiful for someone, is ugly to someone else, and so on. Then there are some people who have studied or simply read about different artistic tendencies and talk about the topic with confidence. For instance, they know about the surrealistic works of DalÍ, Picasso's cubism or Da Vinci Reinassance. Some others can talk about the techniques used to draw, paint or create a sculpture, for example. How to choose the right pencils, or the perfect material to create a statue.

Finally, there are people who appreciate art without knowing anything about it, but simply by observing real artwork, and can't understand how the artists were able to create them. Below, we offer you some examples of artists which create wonderful paintings with just a few supplies, a lot of time, and patience.

1. Diego Koi

Diego Koi is a hyperrealism artist, born in Lamezia Terme, who uses pencils and coal to create paintings which look like photographs. He works with eastern techniques inspired by carpakoi, which involves using the pencil on painted paper. His paintings look exactly like photographs.

2. Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz is another proponent of hyperrealism. He uses the technique of oil painting, and in his work, the human body is the main protagonist. Therefore, in his work, we can see human body parts painted almost to perfection!

3. Gregory Thielker

Talking about how realistic a painting on paper or canvas can be, the artist Gregory Thielker shows us that it is possible to represent reality on canvas. The American artist uses oil colours as well and paints car windows full of water during rain. His art is really outstanding!

4. Robin Eley

Robin Eley, born in London, shows us another side of hyperrealism, in which we can see a material which is talked about a lot nowadays, in an attempt to raise awareness about pollution: plastic. But the real intent of the artist is to show beauty, and, at the same time, perfection obsession.

5. Vincent Fantauzzo

Finally, let's have a look at the artwork of Vincent Fantauzzo, born in England. He mostly paints people who suffered a lot during life, poor people in whose look you can spot sadness or concern.

Source: Curioctopus

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