World's Oldest Surgeon Still Working At 90, Receives A Prize For Her Devotion

Date February 13, 2018 12:27

We all want to love and to be near our partner and family until our last day, but how many of us want to work for the rest of your life?

Probably none of us, however, this grandmother decided not to be far from her job for even a day! We might have seen old professors or writers, but have you ever seen a 90-year-old surgeon still operating? If you think this is not possible, you'd better read this story we have for you today.

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Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina is the name of this 89-year-old woman, born in Russia, who works at the Ryazan hospital. She's a very short woman (150 cm), and she uses a special stool to be able to evaluate and operate on her patients. For Alla, four days a week are enough, and she also tries to do other activities in the hospital, such as answering the phone, filling in forms, and keeping the rooms she works in clean.

Alla is a proctologist. Proctology is a medical field specialized in the healing of disorders of the bowel and anus. Every morning she begins her day with clinic examinations, and then four days a week she works in the operating room.

If I were to stop working, who would do the surgeries?  

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Maybe for this old woman, it is not very easy to do all the activities she needs to in the hospital, but she believes that her job is one of the few things that keeps her happy and allows her to be alive. Thanks to all the years and experiences she has lived, Alla has much to show and teach her colleagues, and at the end of the day, they help each other, as they assist her with some simple things, such as folding up the sleeves of the surgical gown.

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Alla worked for 30 years in the air medical service and treated patients who lived in the remote Russian lands, but now she is back in Ryazan. She grew up and studied there, and never had any doubt about what she is doing, which has become her lifestyle.

But, even if there are no doubts for her, some of her patients are not so sure. Once, one of her patients said he didn't think such an old person could operate, but when Alla pressed him with her fingers, all his doubts vanished as, despite her old age, she has such strong hands!

Now the grandmother has 67 years of work experience and had completed about 10,000 surgeries, and what's best is that she never had a lethal accident!

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Her nickname is "Racehorse", and if you're asking yourselves why, we have the answer: The energy of this woman in the operation room is incredible! Not long ago she received a prize for her loyalty to such a hard and challenging profession, and she revealed her biggest secret: to eat, to laugh and even to cry!

What do you think about this woman?

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