Brazilian Doctor Found A Solution To Decrease Labor Pain


Are you pregnant? Are you nervous about the moment of giving birth? Are you thinking about the pain? Don't worry! Doctor Fernando Guedes from Brasil has a solution that is not only very effective but also funny!

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Maybe, you've read in some books or your doctor has told you about the importance of breathing in the proper way to get over the pain of contractions, even if this pain is extremely severe. Surely, some women can deliver without even realizing what is going on, which means some of them say that they did not feel any kind of pain before seeing their child's face.

Nowadays, there are different ways to help women survive this experience in a better way as the pain doesn't allow them to enjoy the moment. For instance, an epidural is a certain kind of local anesthesia that is used to reduce or eliminate contraction pain during labor. Nevertheless, some women don't want anything in their body and prefer having the real experience. So, how can we help them reduce their pain?

Doctor Fernando Guedes had a wonderful idea...dancing! That's right, he has proposed the idea of dancing during labor. On his Instagram account, we can see different pictures of the doctor and his patients dancing before delivery. Songs, like "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi, became famous because they invite people to stand up and start dancing, and that's why Fernando chose it to be in the list of "songs to dance to during labor".

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According to some research, moving the legs and, as a consequence, the rest of your body could help the baby find the proper position for the moment of delivery. In addition to being a help for the baby, it allows the mom to relax and not be focused on what is happening. After all, if your doctor is dancing, why should you be worried? Start dancing as, for sure, your baby is enjoying the music!

Have you already seen the videos? What do you think?

Source: drfernandoguedescunha / Instagram

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