Between Betrayal And Forgiveness: The Love Story Of Adriano Celentano And Claudia Mori

Date September 14, 2018

Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori got married in 1964, and they are still in love today – an exceptional feat for any couple, let alone a couple of celebrities.

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They met on the set of Uno strano tipo (A Strange Type). Adriano already had a reputation of a womanizer, which rendered all his efforts to charm the young actress null, and conversely made Claudia even more indifferent to him.


However, one day the unapproachable beauty accidentally burst a light bulb, injuring Adriano’s face. This seemingly ordinary accident changed everything, even though after the shooting ended, their paths went different ways. The two met again a few months later.

The couple got married secretly to avoid paparazzi, had three children and more than a fair share of scandals!

However, no scandal could separate the beautiful couple...

gettyimages least, not for a long time!

Some say that Mori invented most of the stories involving Adriano to promote her husband.

But there was one affair, which came close to ruining the lasting marriage. The famous actor notoriously left his wife and children for Ornella Muti, an iconic Italian actress and his co-star in many movies.

Fortunately for Claudia, her patience paid off – Celentano returned home and publicly asked for forgiveness.

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Today, after all these years together, the couple’s marriage is stronger than ever! Adriano and Claudia have grandchildren and live a quiet life near Milan.


Looking at their adorable photos, we can’t help but wonder what their secret is? Whatever it is, we wish them many more years of happiness!

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