Former Model Lashes Against Female Stereotypes: “Over 70, Reshaped And Wearing A Miniskirt – This Is Despair”

Date September 14, 2018

Benedetta Barzini, a 75-year-old former model, was the first Italian model to make the cover of Vogue. Benedetta, a convinced feminist, has always lived her life against female stereotypes.

In an interview with the newspaper Libero, the model, journalist, and teacher, shared her views on the role of a woman and the modern world.

If the system tells you that you have to smooth out your face, go and do it. Because your ancestral function is to please men. Period. We are enslaved. Behind these seventy-year-olds with plastic surgeries and in miniskirts there is nothing but despair, intellectual poverty, and insecurity.

Her commitment to the feminist movement began in the seventies and even today Barzini argues that what we live in is certainly not a women’s world.

In her last interview with Vanity Fair, the model said:

Aging means accepting your age, not pretending you are 20 years younger. I am proud of my life. I like the fact that I don’t look like what I should have become according to some.

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The wrinkled face with its mane of grey hair looks like somebody real, authentic, who has a true sense of who she is and has really lived - rather than somebody who spends time worrying over whether or not her eyelashes are curled.

According to Barzini, the only freedom women have is asking questions, asking why. Benedetta expects more from “Me Too,” the movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

I want something more from it. Now it’s like women don’t matter. In all fashion magazines I see geishas – ​​women with half-open lips eager to become beautiful “the way you want it”. And “you” represents the society of men. This problem has not been addressed yet.

Women don’t have a surname, because all mothers have their fathers’ surnames. There is no female genealogical lineage. Women don’t understand that our absence means our insignificance. It is half of the human race that is silenced, yet it never speaks out.

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According to the model, in fact, a woman lives in a system that wants to keep her subdued. If she is busy getting her face done or the like, she doesn’t have time to think about the world or social realia.

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