'Pain That Doesn’t Go Away': Carla Bruni Is Still Grieving Over Her Brother's Death

Date September 17, 2018

The celebrities always seem so far from the pain and worries of everyday life, enjoying their luxurious and colorful lives.

But we shouldn’t forget that they are people just like us, with the same temptations, fears, and often the same sorrows.

Carla Bruni, for example, never really overcame the pain of losing her brother, an adventurer she was very attached to.

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Virginio, the supermodel’s brother, was a photographer and traveler, and in 47 years of age he was struck down by a terrible disease, AIDS and its complications.


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According to Fanpage”, Carla confessed:

He died after a long battle. It is pain that doesn’t go away.

Not to mention the devastating impact the tragedy had on other family members:

When he died, I was very worried about my mother, because I think there can be nothing worse for a mother. But she is very strong.

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To relieve the pain Bruni composed a song dedicated to Virginio:

A song that I have difficulty singing. It goes “Hi sailor, good winds to you!” He was a very modest boy and I was very careful writing it. I would not want to get angry up there! 


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However, in her grief, Carla found a resource for doing good and has established the “Virginio Bruni Tedeschi Foundation” dedicated to helping HIV patients.


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Mourning is a terrible experience that unfortunately many have first-hand knowledge of, but even when it seems impossible, we must try to look forward.


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