Donatella Versace Looked Stunning In A Fiery Red Dress On The Red Carpet Of Venice Film Festival

Date September 14, 2018

Donatella Versace, the famous Italian designer, paraded on the red carpet of Venice in a fiery red dress.

The 63-year-old attended the 75th edition of the Venice Film Festival and stole the show together with Irina Shayk.

Many people were amazed by the fashion queen in red: “You are perfection ❤️”, “This is your color”, “Wow!”, “The only diva, you are simply WONDERFUL !!!”, “Forever an icon of fashion ❤️”, “Fabulous ❤️”.

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However, there’ve been few negative comments as well: “All that plastic surgery only made her face worse”, “Awful shoes Donatella...”

In fact, Donatella has changed a lot, and as we all know, the 63-year-old is a big fan of plastic surgery.

It is uncertain whether the surgeries were meant to change some features or simply to prevent nature from taking its course. In any case, looking at the old photographs it is quite evident that both her face and body have had many interventions.

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Many plastic surgeons agree that there’s been so much work done on Versace's face, and probably, only her nose remains untouched.

Donatella Versace is one of the most powerful and influential women in the world of fashion, so apparently, she knows a thing or two about beauty.

Anyway, even Donatella’s fans agree that she’s overdone it with plastic surgeries, and the experts say that plastic surgery is a success if the result doesn’t look unnatural.


Be it as it may, Donatella Versace has delighted her fans around the world with appearance on the red carpet in Venice. Red is her color, isn’t it?

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