53-Year-Old Monica Bellucci, Mother Of Two, Became New Face Of Nivea And Shares Her Thoughts About Beauty

Date May 17, 2018 16:19

What do you think about aging and the stereotypes imposed by society?

It seems that aging goes easier on men than on women. This has nothing to do with the functioning of our bodies, only with the stereotypes and roles imposed by society.

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Some say that with years, men become even more handsome, but what happens to women? Today, we see some women striving to achieve what is actually unattainable – "eternal youth". Makeup, surgeries, and other treatments are there to satisfy this ambition even though for a short time. But how nice it would be to accept the changes of our bodies!

To talk a bit about this topic, Vanity Fair magazine interviewed a woman considered to be one of the most beautiful in Italy, Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress and model.

Bellucci was chosen to represent a face of Nivea in a new anti-aging campaign. The actress confessed that she was surprised to be chosen, but it allowed her to share her thoughts about a most important topic for many women: aging.

She is a mother of two: Deva was born in 2004 and Léonie in 2010. The actress' body has never been the same, but she would not change it for anything in the world.

When I had my little girls, I took it easy, perhaps because I was so happy to be a mother that having a few extra pounds did not trouble me at all. (...) I do not have a unique code of beauty, I'm annoyed by conventions that impose having to be in a certain way.

There is much to be said about aging, but above all, it is a natural process that we should not be afraid of. In fact, aging of the body means the rejuvenation of the soul and, ultimately, the attainment of wisdom. With every year that passes, we learn something new, we broaden our view, and we are more confident of who we are.

With age you become valuing things more, you better appreciate your relationship with the mirror, you do not look at each other every two minutes.

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Monica says that she is satisfied with her body:

If a woman at the age of 50 dresses up like a twenty-year-old, no cream is ever going to fix this problem. It is necessary to understand that even with age one does not necessarily become older or less sexy.


Bellucci is not obsessed with diets. In fact, she eats "a little bit of everything". According to her, health of the body is simply a "sign of mental health".

We thank Monica Bellucci for her wise words. Maybe, modern women become more aware of their own body, of changes, and of the real beauty, the one, which is inside.

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