10 Super-Plants That Will Keep Insects Away From Your Home, Better Than Chemicals

Date April 26, 2019 15:18

We'll show you how to naturally protect your garden and house from aphids, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other unwelcome guests with common plants. In addition to killing insects, these plants are sure to spruce up your home! You can grow plants at your home.

Annoying pests always manage to invade our homes, in both cities and the countryside. We often resort to various sprays and other chemicals to keep them away, killing the insects while damaging our health. Luckily, it turns out that many plants, especially those with a distinctive fragrant, are excellent for preventing pests!

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The best plants to fight insects

Geranium is the number one enemy for mosquitoes. It is as effective as electric candles. Moreover, it's brightly colored flowers make the house very beautiful and fragrant.

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Basilica is very famous among restaurants and hotels in Greece which use it to protect guests from annoying bugs. Its smell is particularly unpleasant for pests. Just a small leaf on every window is enough to get rid of pesky insects. It's also irreplaceable in the kitchen for traditional Mediterranean dishes.

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Calendula is easier to grow in gardens or on large terraces. It's very effective not only against mosquitoes but also against other harmful insects. Therefore, it protects the plants cultivated around it. Its beneficial properties for skin and the stomach are widely used around the world.

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Nasturtium is another powerful repellent that helps to distract flies and mosquitoes. The plant has beautiful flowers that will be a perfect decoration for your home or garden.

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Lavender is famous for its properties and is often used in sprays. Its intense aroma is very effective against mosquitoes and flies. The plant is easy to grow on the windowsill or the balcony. It will also be an ideal addition to your garden.

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Lemongrass is a basic ingredient for most anti-mosquito products. It can easily be grown in pots, doesn’t need much care, and flourishes for a long time.

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Catnip is similar to Citronella and is 10 times more effective than chemical repellents. It requires little care but must be shielded from the wind.

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Best plants against cockroaches

Serious infestations should be eradicated with chemicals, but there are several plants that can protect your house from these annoying invaders as a precautionary measure. We recommend leaving garlic, bay leaves, rosemary, catnip and tansy near doors and windows.

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Best plants against moths and worms

Moths love our pantries and cupboards, while woodworms love the antique wooden furniture. It is important to clean interiors often. Clothes, especially natural fabrics, must be washed regularly. Lavender seeds and branches are an excellent means of indoor protection. Santolina has the same effect, while Garlic and cinnamon can help you prevent these pests from appearing.

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Garlic in the garden protects fruit plants from harmful flies. Just cultivate it around trees.

Best plants against wasps and hornets

These insects are also sensitive to some odors. Wormwood is one of the few plants that can repel these insects. Spread the plant on the edges of your balcony or terrace and you can forget about these unpleasant guests.


Other effective plants include Indian carnation, lemon balm, lemon verbena, thyme, and mint. Just choose some and plant them to protect your home, or use these fragrances in the kitchen.

Plants or chemicals? What do you prefer to use when protecting your home from pests?

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