Another Dreadful Case Of Child Abuse In A Kindergarten In China

Date October 15, 2018

This chilling story comes from China, where a 6-year-old girl didn’t survive her kindergarten teacher’s punishment.

The only thing that little Guo Jintong was “guilty of” was that she was too lively – the girl talked too much distracting the rest of the class with her chatter.


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As reported by Daily Mail, the teacher decided to quiet the little one by sealing her mouth shut with glue and sellotape.

But this did not stop the child, who continued to play around with the other children despite being gagged. Suddenly the girl felt sick.


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The teacher immediately called an ambulance, but when it arrived, it was too late: Guo had already suffocated. There was nothing they could do to bring her back.

The devastated parents demanded to know whether such cruel punishments were a standard method in the kindergarten.


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Government officials have launched an investigation as the local residents together with the girl's parents demand answers and justice for little Guo Jintong.

Nothing can now ease the pain of the parents and make up for their terrible loss.

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Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of teachers’ misconduct. Such stories always come as a shock because parents think that their children are safe at school.

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In an interview to Vanity Fair, psychotherapist Alberto Pellai revealed some signs that can indicate that children have witnessed or have been victims of mistreatment at school.

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  1. They are very tired when they have to go to school, as well as when they return home. Coming from school, the child’s behavior is different.
  2. They are silent or aggressive and can’t restore their energy and vitality.
  3. It is difficult for children to speak after they experience intense negative emotions, especially under the age of 5-6.
  4. Never ask intrusive questions like: “Tell me, has the teacher done something bad to you?” because children tend to respond with what they imagine they have to say, what their parents expect to hear.
  5. Instead, you can say something like: “Whatever happens to you, you can tell your mom and dad, who can always help their child.”

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If you suspect mistreatment, talk to other parents, then the headmaster to see what is really going on.

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