FIFA World Cup Split Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova's Family In Two. Why Are The Twins The Ones To Blame?

Date July 4, 2018

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias welcomed their long-awaited twins in December of last year. Since that time, the singer and the former tennis player prefer not to post too many photos from their family life.

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43-year-old Enrique and 37-year-old Anna keep their private life in secret. And they have shared only a few photos of Nicholas and Lucy since their birth.

 Moreover, the couple even managed to keep the whole pregnancy under wraps.

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But recently, each of them have posted photos with the babies on Instagram. It turns out, their kids support different World Cup teams.

Anna uploaded a picture with one of the kids who was holding a stuffed 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia soccer ball. Presumably, they were watching the Russia-Saudi Arabia soccer game.

In his photo, Enrique is holding one of the babies with an Espana blanket on his shoulders. It seems like he's having a good time with his son while watching Spain vs. Portugal soccer game on TV.

As we can see, they are supporting different soccer teams. But it’s not a surprise, as their mother is from Russia and dad is from Spain.

Anna and Enrique have been together for 17 years already. They met each other back in 2001, on set of Enrique’s music video Escape.

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