Did You Know That Patrick Swayze Was Bullied At School? He Explained It Was Not ‘Cool’ For A Boy To Love Dancing

Date June 14, 2018

We got used to seeing celebrities in the spotlight, surrounded by paparazzi and multiple fans. However, most of them confess that their life was not so easy, and they had to battle many obstacles to reach success and worldwide glory.

A great actor and talented dancer, late Patrick Swayze, was bullied at school and faced misunderstanding and attacks from his mates in his early years.

Patrick Swayze: Legends never die!

We can say a lot of good things about the life and career of the incredible Patrick Swayze. His iconic roles in Dirty Dancing and in the romantic drama Ghost made Swayze a true heartthrob for millions of women.

In 1991, the actor was honored with the title “Sexiest Man Alive,” according to People magazine. Patrick was a perfect model of a family guy. He met his wife at 16. The couple lived together in a happy marriage for 34 years.

Bullied and shamed

Years after Swayze’s sad demise, REELZ channel made a documentary film about the late star – Patrick Swayze: The Price of Fame. The film uncovers the truth behind Patrick’s sad childhood and his troubled path in showbiz.

As a teen, Patrick was bullied at school for his dancing skills. Swayze grew up taking dance classes at his mother’s studio. At that time, it was not "cool" for a boy to dance, as dancing and singing were not among the usual ‘guy skills’.

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Everyone wanted to fight the poor kid, especially when he was carrying ballet shoes. Patrick often returned from school with cuts and bruises, but he never complained to his parents or teachers. In one of his interviews, Swayze recalled a life-changing lesson he learned from his father:

Having a gentle side doesn’t make you less of a man, it makes you a better one; and you might not always win, but you never, ever give up.

Swayze always followed this principle in his adult life. Who knows, maybe the star wouldn’t have reached such tremendous success as an actor and dancer without his father’s advice.

Patrick Swayze made a difference in the lives of many young talents. He is a great example to follow for all boys and girls who dream about an onstage career. When you are not afraid of difficulties and just follow your dream, everything is possible.

Like any person, Swayze had his ups and downs, but the most important thing is what he could learn from every life lesson.

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