Body Language Experts Reveal What Meghan Markle Is Saying On Her And Harry's Royal Wedding Photos

Date June 4, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal wedding can be dubbed as the most anticipated and romantic event of the year. And although it has already happened, we have plenty of photos and videos of the ceremony that allow us to go through it again and again.

Just recently, Kensington Palace has revealed three official wedding pictures of the newlyweds. And body experts have a lot to say about poses seen in them.

According to Judi James, these photographs show formality and royal order in the family. Wedding portrays can be spontaneous and fun. But formal shots chosen only emphasize the regal slant of the wedding.

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One might also notice Meghan’s devotion to her mom Doria. The 61-year-old stands close to her daughter as if nestling behind her. The former actress’ torso is a bit turned to her mother, which also indicates devotion and attention.

This signal of unity and fondness is an important signal after Doria often looked isolated and tearful during the service.

But what surprised the body expert the most was Meghan’s submissive pose in some of the shots. Meghan is seen sitting at her husband’s feet, which might be surprising, considering she’s a feminist.

Although the wedding photos are quite formal, they are still not as formal as William and Kate’s ones. But the reason for that is simple - the Duke of Cambridge has a higher status than his younger brother.

For example, while half of the page boys and bridesmaids are sitting on the floor in Harry’s wedding photos, everybody stands straight in the picture for Prince William.

Besides, Kate and William took a more formal stance, while Meghan and Harry are laying across the steps in one of the pics.

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