After The Childbirth, Water Became Her Biggest Enemy: "One Day I May Not Be Able To Drink It"

Date June 18, 2018 12:28

The allergy to water is scientifically called “aquagenic urticarial”. But how can a person be allergic to it? Especially, considering the fact that our bodies are composed of liquid.

The medical expert, Dr. Sarah Jarvis, explained this fact by saying:

Allergy to water is remarkably rare. Some people are so allergic to water that even their tears or their sweat can cause them to come out in a rash.

Cherelle Farrugia, the 25-year-old young mother from Cardiff, Wales, has become allergic to water after giving birth to a child. Two months after labor, she started to feel pain every time when she took a shower.

The woman did everything possible to find the reason for the allergy, but there were no results. She says:

At first I thought I must be allergic to a product that I was using so I changed all of my products... but I noticed I was still reacting. I then assumed it was the temperature of the water but after playing with the water I realized I reacted to cold, hot, warm, lukewarm, and body temperature water. I then tried the swimming pool, bottled water and filtered water and to my disbelief, I reacted again.

Doctors claim the postpartum depression altered her hormone level which led to such a condition.

Cherelle Farrugia is afraid that one day she will not be able to drink water. She says:

I can drink water fine as I'm not affected internally however I have read that there are some people with the condition who can't drink plain water as their throat swells. The condition tends to be degenerative so one day I may not be able to drink it either.

Cherelle Farrugia has started an Instagram account in order to find other sufferers, share what she has learned from her diagnosis so far, and study other cases.