Best And Proudest Feeling: British Rock Legend Rod Stewart Has Finally Figured Out How To Be A Great Dad To His 8 Children

Date June 11, 2018 16:06

British rock legend Rod Stewart has lived a full life and then some. He began to sing in the 60s and hopped around popular UK bands before he released his first solo album, An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down. With a title like that, it is not surprising that the album tanked in the UK.











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A bad start

While his career was having a slow start, he was building a reputation with the ladies and has already had his first child by the time he was 17. Unprepared for fatherhood, Stewart had to give his daughter up for adoption.











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His first marriage came long after he became a household name with the release of his third solo effort, Every Picture Tells A Story. The marriage lasted all of 5 years and resulted in two children: Kimberley and Sean Stewart.











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He got married again, twice, and had 5 more children down the line, with the youngest born when he was already 66.

Getting fatherhood right

He may be seen as a great dad these days, but during the early years, he was not very hands on. He did not even acknowledge his teenage love child, Susanne Streeter, for 18 years!











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Now 56, Streeter has come to terms with her father's choice to give her away and has tried to build a relationship with him.



The knighted musician, who had survived cancer, says being able to look at his children is "the best, proudest feeling."











Happy 7th Birthday to our little fire, Aiden. ????

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Daily Mail reports that he is a quite generous father. The older Stewart children reportedly get £7,000 a month from a trust as well as other contributions from the bank of their very wealthy dad, who is worth around £170 million. 

Penny brought them together

His present wife, Penny Lancaster, has been credited with making the big change in the Stewart household. When they renewed their vows in 2017, the whole clan was there to witness the intimate family moment.











Well here I am in Hawaii... With my gigantic family. #maui #stewartholiday #summer

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In 2016, on Lorraine, Stewart said of his much younger wife whom he married in 2007:

She literally did bring us all together.











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He said the older children went from seeing Lancaster as a possible money grabber to bonding with her.

The couple dated for 8 long years before they made it official at an Italy wedding where they were joined by their close friends.

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