Heartbreaking Story Of Tripp Halstead, A Little Boy Who Inspired Millions After Fatal Accident With Falling Tree Branch

Date June 12, 2018

Tripp Halstead, the 7-year-old boy who survived a serious brain injury after a falling tree branch struck him on the head at a playground, has died on March 15, 2018. This little kid inspired millions, and people still share their condolences to Tripp’s parents.

We will never forget you, little Tripp!

Tripp Halstead was 2 years old when the tree branch fell and hit him while he was playing at the playground of his daycare.

The poor kid was diagnosed with a severe brain damage and spent several weeks in a coma. The doctors were not sure whether Tripp was going to make it, but the boy was a fighter. 10 months after the accident, Tripp's parents took him home from the hospital.

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The 2-year-old boy had a tough road to complete recovery. His mother Stacy regularly documented his progress on the Tripp Halsted Updates Facebook page.

With the support of his parents and hundreds of people who follow his path to recovery on Facebook, there was nothing impossible for this sweet boy. For the next five years, we had the pleasure of watching Tripp growing up and attending school.

At the beginning of 2018, Tripp’s health saw a decline. His mom announced:

Tripp just hasn’t had that contentment that we saw before and it is breaking my heart a little more each day.

On March 15, his parents noticed their little son was having trouble breathing, though at that time, he had been hooked up to the oxygen machine.

Tripp was immediately taken to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a brain infection. The boy passed away in the hospital on the same day. His parents will always remember their son’s last words:

I love you to the moon and back.

We hope you found your peace in heaven, little Tripp.