Incredible: Two Days After His Life Support Was Turned Off, Man Miraculously Woke Up From One-Month Coma

Date June 15, 2018 14:01

This real-life story will make you believe in true miracles. A man’s family had already been planning his funeral when he suddenly woke up two days after his life support was switched off.

True miracles exist

Beau Shortis, the loving husband and proud father of three wonderful kids, had been in a coma for a month after he was attacked outside his favorite fish-and-chips shop in Melbourne.

Mr. Shortis received serious head injuries and brain damage. The doctors were not sure whether he would recover some day. They maintained his life via a system of life support.

When after a month the situation didn’t change for the better, the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for the poor man.

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Beau’s relatives had to make the hardest choice in their life. They agreed to turn off his life support and began planning his funeral.

What happened next will make you believe in real miracles. After a month in a coma and two days after his life support was switched off, Beau opened his eyes. That’s right, Mr. Shortis miraculously woke up.

Beau’s family couldn’t believe it all happened for real. They were sitting in a hospital room and crying from happiness, knowing that their father and husband will live. Beau’s mother said:

I was praying and praying. Now I believe in miracles.

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Now, Mr. Shortis continues his way to recovery and feels much better. The man said his near-death experience had given him a new perspective on life.

It’s made me think more about my family and my kids ... All that matters to me is that I’m here. I’m here for a reason, I don’t know what it is yet but it must be good — it just wasn’t my time.

It’s great that Beau Shortis’ story has a happy ending. We wish him and his family all the best after everything they had to go through.

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