Turns Out We Have Been Putting The Thread Into The Needle All Wrong. There Is An Easier Way!

Date May 10, 2018

Even those who can't sew know how to put a thread into the needle’s eye. But are you sure, that squinting your eyes, licking the thread, and doing everything to get it into the tiny opening is the best decision? There should be a much easier way. See for yourself in the video below.


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A Twitter user John Bick shared a video, which became incredibly popular because it helps to solve this little routine problem. Watch and learn!

Now, instead of spending time and losing patience on putting a thread into the needle, you simply need to stretch a thread on your palm and then rub it with the needle’s eye.

The video has beaten 6 million views already. After watching it, many people recognized this trick as extremely useful and regretted not knowing about it earlier. Meanwhile, some people commented that the lifehack didn’t work. Whom to believe?

A Fabiosa editor tried this trick herself. And, yeah! It works!  But there is one little condition: The needle’s eye shouldn’t be too small. For what it’s worth – it is a very handy technique!

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