Car-Racing Teens Killed Woman And Her 21-Month-Old Daughter When They Were Crossing The Street

Date June 11, 2018 16:25

Crossing the street can seem like an easy activity that you don't have to think about because we do it all the time, but it has the potential to be dangerous.

The 24-year-old mom Jessica Raubenolt decided to enjoy the good weather and took her little 21-month-old daughter Lillia for a walk.

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She put her daughter in a stroller and went out. At the same time, two teenage boys Cameron Herrin and John Alexander Barrineau hit the gas, according to the witnesses, as they raced each other on Bayshore. Both recently graduated from high school.

Raubenolt was pushing Lillia across the street when they were struck by black Mustang, which was driven by Herrin. A witness heard the car’s roar just minutes before the crash. Another saw the young mom thrown into the air. She died at the Tempa’s hospital. Her daughter died on Thursday. According to police, the woman was crossing legally.

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On Thursday, Raubenolt’s uncle, John Reisinger, offered words of forgiveness to the teens, who killed his niece and her daughter. Speaking to the Tampa Bay Times before the announcement of Lillia’s death, he said:

We’re praying for those young boys and their families. We hope something good will come of this foolish accident. That’s what Jessie would want.

Jessica Raubenolt was a devoted mother, loving wife, and caring niece who married two years ago after meeting her future husband at the university.

Street Crossing Sefety

It is important to remember the crossing street safety rules and always remind them to your children.

  • always look for white painted lines on the roadway, which indicate a safe crosswalk;
  • if available, use a button to press near a crosswalk that signals the pedestrian lights to change;
  • in the US, always look to your left first, then your right, then your left again before crossing a street;
  • pay attention to every pedestrian sigh;
  • when crossing, make eye-contact with the drivers to make sure they see you.

Always keep these rules on your mind when you are crossing the road.

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