5 Hair Colors That Might Help Women Look Younger

Date December 22, 2017

Of course, there are cases when grey hair perfectly "decorates" a woman. However, we can't but agree that this color makes females look older. Stylists recommend coloring your hair in natural shades if you want to look younger. This means that you should forget about red and purple hues just like platinum blonde. If possible, you should use only natural dyes that do not contain any harmful components.

If you are still hesitating between several colors, we recommend to scroll down and find out about 5 most effective colors you can choose from.

1. Caramel bronde


If you want to look younger, you need to dye your hair shades that are lighter than your natural hair color. This does not mean you ought to turn into a blonde. Hair becomes more fragile with age; therefore, you shouldn't drastically change its color. You'd better experiment with various shades of one and the same color. For example, you can try caramel bronde like Sandra Bullock does. This kind of hair coloring makes the contour of the face softer and the skin younger.

2. Strawberry blonde or golden melon


The transition between the strands should be soft to make the hair look natural. That is why light-colored hair should be dyed warm colors, for example, golden melon or strawberry blonde. Look at how gorgeous Marg Helgenberger looks with this hair color!

3. Sombre


Sombre is a soft transition from a dark shade at the roots to a lighter shade at the ends, just like ombre. If you like Sarah Jessica Parker's hair, you should definitely try sombre!

4. California highlights


California highlights presuppose a classic lightening of the hair. Meanwhile, the dying process does not require the use of aggressive substances or foil. In the end, you get the effect of natural sun-kissed hair. California highlights often start from the roots of the hair.

5. Natural


If your hair has started to turn grey, and you want to dye it, you should choose a shade that is close to the natural color of your hair. You can dye your hair two shades lighter than the natural shade of your hair.

A new hairstyle will help you tune into your youth. After all, shining eyes, self-confidence, and a sincere smile are more than enough to wipe away a few years.

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